1. themanonfive:

    "Chicago, Burlington, & Quincy Railroad is the Only Line Running Pullman 16-Wheels Drawing Room Sleeping Cars," c. 1880s.

    (Source: publications.newberry.org)

  2. theshinyboogie:

    Eye, September 1954

    (Source: emigrejukebox)

  4. thebeingtime:

    Looking at Americans in their cars.

    Dorothea Lange, Ditched, Stalled and Stranded

    Bryan Schutmaat, from Grays the Mountain Sends

    Joe Leavenworth, from Native Son

    Shelby Lee Adams, from Salt and Truth

    Mark Steinmetz, from Greater Atlanta

    Tamara Reynolds, from Southern Route

    Lee Friedlander, from his 1960s Self Portraits portfolio

  5. 2000-lightyearsfromhome:

    © Fred Herzog

  7. margybear:

    Hollywood Tower Hotel service elevator, September 2014.

    (via americana-plus)